Television Personalities

What do our television viewing habits reveal about ourselves?  Like the great debate between cardio vs. strength training, what we watch on TV on a regular basis (not channel surfing) might suggest to our co-workers, friends, or partners a propensity for aggression over ease  — or maybe silliness over intensity — or perhaps reality over eccentric.

The neurotic list makers among us have probably already assessed and analyzed the amount of time we routinely devote ourselves to television.

We’ve all seen the news rats – the people who can’t get enough stimulation.  The news circuit runs from around the world around the clock.  Is the strength of news programs overpowering?  Does one ever become unnerved by the tone (“It’s already happened to towns near you, is yours next?  Or will it be worse?  How will you know?  Tune in at 7 to find out!”)?

So, maybe not the news.  How about, then, situation comedies, fitness programs, game shows, doctor shows, reality shows, home and garden and house and yard, home shopping, travel, fashion, cartoons, hour-long crime dramas, made-for-television-fake-dramas, made-for-television movies, biographies, and zombies.  With 400 or so channels offering such flexibility, how can we show any resistance?  It’s simply a wonder that in today’s world, we can work out getting to the job, getting to classes or getting to the gym…oh, hold on … the treadmills have their own televisions.

But, wait, I have not shared my own list, which is comprised of the routine shows that I ensure are being captured on machine.  I have stretched my abilities to include setting the proper units for the DVR,  in case I am out getting a pedicure — uh, or at the gym.   And, on the count of three, remember that the point of this exercise is to emphasize that like, Planet Fitness, we are in a judgement-free zone! Ready?  Set?  Go!

The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Shameless, Dexter, Bones, Face Off, The Neighbors, Modern Family, Zero Hour, Elementary, Touch, Colbert Report, Daily Show and SNL.

Total time:  10.5  — I am averaging less than 2 hours per day engaged in a variety of television shows.

So, fellow marathon contenders, you must pace yourself with this drill, while we consider the intensity at which we are just an extension of our television.


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