Gym Entry Interview

Gym Entry Interview ~ As I consider going to the gym today, I can’t help but think:  can it really have been six months since I’ve last set my sneakered  shoe in my local Planet Fitness? Could you imagine if the gym personnel were instructed to conduct an entry interview as you walk thru the door? […]

She’s Got To Be Somewhere

As soon as I think to call my mom, another quick thought enters my head.  I can’t.  She’s not there to answer the phone.  She’s not there.  She’s not here.  The thought I struggle most with is that I don’t know where she is.  It’s just so hard to wrap my head around the fact […]

British Charm and Dark Roads

We walked uphill ~ from the bus stop ~ in complete darkness, almost a mile. There are no street lights in rural England. Cars sped past at 60 km/hour as we trusted each step, just three feet from them. Slippery mud surrounded the narrow sidewalk and headlamps blinded instead of lighting our path back to […]


My Spirit is Soft-Wired To Seek Harmony and Hope In The Soft SunShine.   Flakes on The Flowers Snow Melts With The Sun’s Warming And My Heart Does Too.   Seedlings in The Snow Follow Their Path Upward Through To Spring’s Warm Embrace       photos by Deborah Sabatini  

Wasted Regions of Hope

Without purpose, the mind is no longer a beating heart among the saviours Wage the fight among the masses that we should conquer defeat, sweat and marred souls who arise from ignorance Wasted regions of hope sit spilt at corners where no one meets Hope is no more when we fail to see it through […]

Holy Feng Shui

There’s a phoenix rising in front of my house. And, the mighty snake is actually inside the house. Someone asked me if this represents good karma or bad? Hold on… karma is not at all what this is about. It’s the positive chi we’re striving for here. And, by here, I mean precisely that: here. […]


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