Holy Feng Shui

There’s a phoenix rising in front of my house. And, the mighty snake is actually inside the house. Someone asked me if this represents good karma or bad? Hold on… karma is not at all what this is about. It’s the positive chi we’re striving for here. And, by here, I mean precisely that: here. Here in this corner and here in this other corner.

Chinese New Year is February 19, 2015 ~ the year of the Female or Yin Wood Goat/Ram/Sheep ~ will you be ready? Every year for a number of years now, I have cleaned the house the week before, making sure to do no cleaning on the actual new year’s day. Also, no paying bills or any debts on that day (or you’ll be paying all year long). I put out a bowl of oranges and a lot of red (a most auspicious color) around the house. I’ve written good luck and other positive words and phrases on red construction paper (in Chinese characters, of course) and taped them to the outside of the front door. I’ve taped a red envelope with money above the front door (inside!). Also, like Pooh Bear suggests, I’ve encouraged family members to think only happy thoughts (and speak only good words) on Chinese New Year. These effortless, not-so-elaborate efforts ensure a most propitious year!

(Ever read The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff?)

In addition to oranges and red construction paper, last year in enthusiastic preparation, I went about setting my house in order according to the ancient strategy and wisdom of Feng Shui. I understood ~ from many hours and attempts to secure the basics ~ that the SouthEast corner of the house would be entertaining good fortune stars. Or is it that the SouthEast corner is always the prosperous, wealth sector? Either way, I had that corner all decked out with the suggested cures: a ‘Water element’ (a painting of swimming karp), loose coins, a red envelope with a dollar bill and even Buddha himself ~ practically a shrine to all gods financial. Maybe not so much gods, though, since we might be appealing to visiting, flying stars!

I’m discovering that each year, these stars may be a bit fickle. Sometimes they are with you and sometimes not, like Peter. I still get lost when deciphering the Ba Gua map and Kua Diagrams. Just when I figured out where the wood goes, I realized that the earth should move.

In fact, the Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter is afloat this next year. onlinefengshuistore.com informs us that Tai Sui is a revered deity, (OK, a god) and very fearsome, as well! Good to know, then, that he’ll be spending the year in your SouthWest corner, making what you want to place there all the more appealing to him. According to Rodika at fengshui.about.com, you would add lucky bamboo, specifically with nine stalks, or nine purple candles and lush house plants to that sector of your house. To find the exact spot, I really just use my smart phone’s compass to get a true reading. Be aware, however, that there is a Ba Gua map, which is more accurate. It is placed over your floor plan and it is important that the bottom of the map is at your main entrance (either NorthEast, North or NorthWest). Fortunately for me, it all sorta lines up.

Considering the SouthEast for this next year, we want to strengthen Wood and Water by adding Metal to weaken Earth. Placing a round, metal vase or a white or blue (or a white and blue) pillow is what I would do. The North corner of the house or office is the luckiest area in the year of wood goat/sheet/ram because the Wealth Star #8 will reside there. This area should be kept clean and beautiful. Use Fire there – as in the colors red, orange or yellow. This is the best place to put your red envelope with a dollar bill.

There’s so much more to the practice of Feng Shui, that it can become overwhelming and for those who are superstitious, it can become straight-on scary. What if I add the metal to the water? Will we all just be electrocuted?

And just to make things more crazy, knowing that this year’s cures must be in place by February 4th, I’ve already gone ahead and put the brown throw blanket on the red couch along the East wall in the living room because if I move the actual couch, I’ll be sleeping on it!


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