A Short Note On Reading Alice

A Short Note On Reading Alice

Even as an English major, I don’t think I have ever read Alice in Wonderland.  Maybe as a child. Maybe my mom read some or all of it to me. Maybe I had one of those child classics books. Maybe I had to have, as I have always known “Alice” and the “Mad Hatter” and the “Rabbit Hole” and that Lewis Carroll wrote it in the 1800s. But, to say I know the details of the story, I would be lying. I don’t remember them. Nor have I seen the Johnny Depp version or any other movie version.

This bothers me. And, as my living room doubles as a library filled with the classics that both my husband and I brought to the party [isn’t there a party in the story?], there was no doubt that on those shelves, I would find a copy or two of Alice in Wonderland.  

So, since the “Queen”, or rather … my 92-year old MIL ~ with Alzheimer’s ~

Loves for me to aloud read,

I most definitely see

an opportunity!

Ironically, I wonder if I will remember more of the details, myself.



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