A Frustrated American ~ and My Freedom of Speech

Maybe not the biggest problem, it would seem these days, but one really big problem that we face is the ease (read: need to self-preserve some sense of sanity) in which we fall into a sense of complacency due to the fact that every day we see, read and hear (no matter how we may try to avoid them – again, read: need to self-preserve any sense of sanity) disturbing and distressing reports of what #45 and the GOP propose, tweet and enact on a constant basis, throughout the day, every day, and even in the early morning hours.

It’s a strategy – the daily diversions, pivoting and constant crazy, we can’t keep up on each last item about which to be concerned and distressed and disturbed. So we let the rage fall away when it takes new form, such as incomprehensibility and disbelief. But, NO! We must be outraged every minute of the day to prevent the type of control that is working its way into this country. Being enraged and outraged every minute of the day is tiring, depressing and unhealthy. And, as humans, we need to self-preserve some sense of sanity. So, we watch the daily crazy in segments that the night time comedians wrestle with and transform into information somewhat more, but never really, palatable by injecting humor into the insane. Wow, to have that job, and to have the job of journalist during this administration –these people deserve credit for having to listen to, analyze and report to the American people by way of network news, newspapers, etc. (those entities, which are currently being threatened with suppression). I know people who only get their news via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and This Week Tonight with John Oliver. And, recent additions to the lineup include The Jim Jefferies Show (his stand-up piece on American guns is outstanding) and The Late Late Show with James Corden. This is their attempt to help the rest of us cope and to keep some sense of sanity. These shows make it easier to hear, but never to deal with, as the hosts cannot, themselves, they say, fully accept the current state of affairs.

Following the very surprising result of the 2016 election, I called my representatives’ offices multiple times to express my concerns about policies and practices that I felt needed to be protected. I knew they’d all be on board, because I had voted for them and they share my values for what is reasonable and sane for this country. I just called again, last week, following the most recent gun-done mass murder. I honestly didn’t know what to say, but felt like I had to call someone. So, I expressed my frustration that, as an American pleading for increased gun control and regulations (I’m not pro-gun, at all, but I’m not so delusional to think that this racist-at-the-core, gun-loving country would ever completely give up the gun), and I knew that my representatives are, again, on the same page, but what else can I do? Call the NRA? Call the (mostly) republicans on the take from the NRA? There’s a great list that I found online of lifetime monies – in the millions ‑ amassed by the top ten receivers in Congress. All three clerks to whom I spoke on the phone “Shared [my] frustration.” And, one even went as far as to say, “It’s beyond too late [re: gun control].”

Obviously, I felt no better – but not by their fault. So, I ask again, what can I do? Call the NRA directly to plead for American lives? Call (mostly) republicans on the take from the NRA to plead for American lives? Call #45 (I certainly wouldn’t tweet at him – although early on, I tweeted that someone should just take away his phone, for heaven’s sake)?

Really, what can one American do? Or, rather, the lot of us, as it seems that most Americans are sane (or trying to preserve their sanity) and are not in line with the crazy antics of #45 and the chaotic joke that is his administration. At least I could feel as though I had tried to express some measure of normality by saying directly:  please stop the madness; stop the crazy; act for the people; act like a president; take care of Puerto Rico; cover birth control for women; protect a woman’s right to choose; protect the 1st Amendment as strongly as you swear by the outdated and dangerous 2nd Amendment; stop playing cat and mouse with other world leaders, who have nuclear weapons and seem to be so tempted and eager to use them; stop throwing paper towels at people (just rude!); protect children’s healthcare; protect the undocumented children (and now productive residents) who came here under DACA; NAZI’s are evil, white supremacists, too; stop tweeting bullshit and bully-shit at your colleagues (and anyone, really!); and please, please seek immediate professional psychological help. In fact, resignation from the presidency is not out of the question in order to return some level of dignity to the United States of America.


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