How Fibromyalgia May Ruin My Job at the Gym

Denial, and maybe subconscious pride, kept me from admitting (during the interview process) that my Fibromyalgia would prevent me from performing, what is, for seemingly everyone else, a reasonably easy job at my local gym, where I have been regularly working out for years. I didn’t lie, I just didn’t really consider the physicality of […]


My Spirit is Soft-Wired To Seek Harmony and Hope In The Soft SunShine.   Flakes on The Flowers Snow Melts With The Sun’s Warming And My Heart Does Too.   Seedlings in The Snow Follow Their Path Upward Through To Spring’s Warm Embrace       photos by Deborah Sabatini  

Holy Feng Shui

There’s a phoenix rising in front of my house. And, the mighty snake is actually inside the house. Someone asked me if this represents good karma or bad? Hold on… karma is not at all what this is about. It’s the positive chi we’re striving for here. And, by here, I mean precisely that: here. […]

All Things Varied…

In my day job, I send daily announcements to middle school parents, and to keep things interesting and add a little variety to what would otherwise be a bit tedious, I include a “header” of sorts. I share some piece of trivia, historical anniversary, celebratory occasion, interesting tidbit of knowledge (often about art or literature) […]

New Friends and How to Fix America

Aussies love America!  They told us so…at the bar…after a few bourbons and at an Irish pub in San Francisco, no less.  Our new friends, whose names we never did secure, gave us their plan to repair our woes — America’s woes that is. First:  run for President and offer nothing.  No promises. Second: when […]


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